Re: Release Team's Almost-Final Modules List


"Sergey V. Oudaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, no, mostly because there's been lots of discussion about
>> it at GUADEC, and it made sense to push it out a bit further (to discuss
>> things like gswitchit and g-s-t). We'll have a final comments period and
>> a list up on the 2.3 site soon.
>Hey, does this mean gswitchit is still under consideration for 2.4?:)
>Christian was talking about 2.6 and I nearly gave up - but now I am
>encouraged again:) The croud is shouting: "Final list! Final list!..."

Newer give up until Gnome will be *really* comfortable and user-friendly :)
Now there are *big* problem with changing keyboard layout in Gnome - lets solve this problem ASAP !!!
Gnome developers, please include Sergey's improvements - a lot of users from eastern and central europe are waiting for this.

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