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Seth Nickell wrote:

I think (1) is better for now, at least given the current state of
adding/removing panel applets. It would be nice if (2) could be the preferred
option in the future, because it would have a very nice effect of reducing
load on the desktop prefs. ah well.
My personal view of this is that gswitchit is essentially two things: some code to select which keyboard layout to use (or layouts), and an applet to switch between the different layouts.

While switching between multiple keyboard layout groups is fairly specialised, I would expect a lot more of our users would want to be able to select which (single) layout they want to use (assuming we can't make this selection automatically based on the user's locale). For these people, there is no reason for them to use a layout switching applet, so placing the setting in the applet's preferences does not make sense.

It shouldn't be too difficult to design the UI to allow setting up of multiple keyboard layouts in this interface. That way, the applet is simply a way to switch between the previously configured keyboard layouts, and could have close to zero preferences. It could easily have a link through to the keyboard preferences control panel though.

For comparison, I did this screenshot of the Windows keyboard control panel:

It lets you add and remove "input locales" (which seem to be a combination of a keyboard map and input method extension), and select a default layout. If you configure multiple locales, you get an icon in the notification area that indicates the currently selected layout. You can use the context menu on the notification icon to select a layout or bring up the keyboard control panel.

One other thing to notice is that the notification icon uses text rather than a flag. The use of some flags is almost definitely going to offend some people or governments. For example, the Chinese government doesn't really like the Taiwan flag, and some people don't like their country's flag). While in most cases it isn't a problem, it looks a bit weird if only a few flags are missing.


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