Re: Ottawa - kernel hackers ...

> 	I suppose I just don't understand what's going on - I'm amazed that
> what seems intuitively broken, and is empirically terrible is also
> algorithmically non-fixable - is there really no hope ?

Its like a very hard game of tetris - over time it gets less and less
likely long linear empty spaces exist, even if you can tell its a single

> 	Which would seem to suggest that we have ~8 seconds of disk overhead;
> presumably running 'cat' is a fairly fast process; since I have ~350
> .xml files in ~/.gconf - I guess it can only take ~2ms max to do the
> cat, vs. ~20ms to get the data in the cold case, the CPU sitting idle
> for ~95% of the time.
> 	The trials of a laptop hard-disk I guess.

It seems slow even for the cold case loading bash up, shells and all the
other stuff. My warm case is about 0.01 seconds, the cold even a
slow box seems << 1 second for 113 files 

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