Re: Is the ORBit2 stubs/skels breakage unacceptable?

I had problems with ORBit2 also, last week. It seems ORBit2 was broken pretty badly until Friday. I managed to get the friday fixes to work (i.e. a HEAD checkout ought to work) but I did have to make maintainer-clean, etc. and re-login.
So AFAICT HEAD can be made to work (unlike HEAD from earlier in the week).

- Bill

Mike Martin wrote:

--- Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> wrote: > On Mon, 2003-06-30
at 10:40, Mike Martin wrote:
--- Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote: > <quote who="James
If a machine has orbit2 headers installed, then it also has
orbit-idl, so
any arguments about including the generated files for the
people without orbit-idl don't really stand up.

If any source tarballs are including generated stubs, then
definitely be fixed.  The fix is to not include the generated
rather than to include newer versions of generated files.
Great, thanks for that explanation. Marco was right in saying
should be documented a bit better, because it seems that *lots*
include the generated files (there is a massive amount of
in my
current GARNOME tree). Time to report bugs, then. :-)
just for info - are you getting build breakages or runtime havoc

A build on the weekend left pretty much everything unable to run
before reverting ORBit (libwnck, gnome-panel, nautilus plus all
my g2
apps such as evo, epi, gnumeric)

I'm having runtime problems. gnome-session can't get gnome-panel to
start. I rebuilt almost everything but no luck. What did you do to
it work again? Revert to what?


ORBit2 from cvs 24_6 (my last build)
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