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<quote who="Luis Villa">

> A wiser head than I points out that this is a really sad statement for me
> to make. I agree. I hate to have to admit this, but currently bugsquad and
> I just can't keep up on many key modules (like, say, nautilus.) If I could
> spend all day (and all night) on bugsquad and b.g.o., I wouldn't be saying
> this. But I can't so I must :/
> I should also note that projects that feel a shortage of bug reports
> should feel very comfortable doing this (Abi already does something like
> this, for example.) I'm just saying it can't be the default in libgnomeui
> for stable releases- apps must do it on a per-app level.  Currently the
> core apps (which is what I have to think about) can't be defaulting to
> this, at least not in stable releases.

I think that shifting to the Mozilla 'UNCONFIRMED' -> 'NEW' triage strategy
(as suggested by James Henstridge a number of times) would help in this
regard. It would make an 'introduction to triaging' so much easier, and
hackers would not have to see all of the crazy mess that goes on underneath
until the bug was flagged as 'NEW', signalling that they should care about
it. This could help.

- Jeff

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