Re: spatial stuff detail

> * I moved "Open in New Window" to "Open With -> Navigation Window".  I 
>   thought that this might reinforce the idea of the browser as a 
>   separate app.  Any thoughts?

This is good, but it needs to be even stronger. I think the most
confusing aspect of the design right now is that the boundary between
Nautilus and the "other mode" is not clear. This needs to be exceedingly
clear during the period while people acquainted with Nautilus are
transitioning to these new changes. "Window" in this case caries with it
the implication of this "other thing" being a part of Nautilus... some
other mode. Its not a mode, its an application (that just happens to be
really consistent with the desktop files and folders). 

Long run it may be possible to break down this barrier a little, but for
2.6 I'd strongly encourage you to release something with as much
"boundary" between them as, say, "My Computer" and "Windows Explorer"
(or whatever that tree-based browser that comes with Windows is called).

1) Consider placing a menu entry for it in Applications->System Tools

2) Call it something that sounds like an application, "Filesystem
Browser" perhaps. Its ok if the name sounds technical, this actually
helps people to understand its place in the world, though maybe
"filesystem" is laying it on a little thick ;-).

> * Some ideas for differentiating the navigation window:
>    - give it a constant, special icon rather than the icon of the
>      contents

This sounds like a good idea.


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