Re: GTK+ (Was: Evolution 2.0 and GNOME 2.6)

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 13:33, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> I do not run Galeon or Abiword, but I do run a lot of other Gnome apps,
> and I just tried popups in Evolution and in Gaim on a 300 Mhz machine,
> and they come up immediately, so am inclined to believe that it is a bug
> in those applications.

I'm using Evo 1.4.5 with gtk2-2.2.4-0.ximian.6.2 on RHL9.  I have a P3
1.1GHz laptop with 512M of RAM with a Geforce2 Go using Nvidia's binary

I can confirm Eugenia's observation on my system.  Right clicking an
email in Evolution on the message list first displays the frame of the
context menu, and some short time later, the actual items appear.

Mozilla, for example, (which of course doesn't use gtk for menus), pops
up instantly.

gtk's popup menus appear and are functional in short enough time that
this doesn't really bother me, but my eyes do see two stages in the
drawing: the frame, and then the icons/text.  Maybe some people are just
overly sensitive to this sort of thing than others.  For example, I can
immediately tell when a monitor is running at 60Hz (and it drives me
batty), whereas most of my colleagues can't.

Just an observation, and not flamebait. :)


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