Re: Scripting in Gnome

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 21:51, John (J5) Palmieri wrote:

> Now you are clearer.  We are talking about two different things here. 

Yes i was talking about having an integrated script engine for both
these areas.

> Scripting for the Desktop and scripting to extend application
> functionality.  Scripting for the desktop I envisioned as a way to
> enhance interaction between elements on the desktop (see Evolution Data
> Server as an example of something one would want to script to).  You
> want application specific scripting.  First I think that is largely
> dependent on the application on what language to choose.  I don't think
> it is a good thing to dictate that.

I agree thats why my script engine proposal is language independant

>   Sending scripts in a document is
> all but a dead duck these days with viruses a number one concern

unfortunately its a necessary evil if you want compatibility with ms
office apps.

> .  I
> know that people still do it but I think in the enterprise, where these
> things matter the most, you will see a move to technologies like XForms
> where it doesn't matter what the client machine has.  For the specific
> needs of those who do need a quick and dirty application based scripting
> I think it will be done on a case by case basis.  The security concerns
> are staggering.  
> It even seems that GNumeric has chosen Python:

It will still need VBA at some point...

> --
> J5

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