Re: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3: "That and a pair of testicles."

<quote who="Joe Marcus Clarke">

> I know you mention the fd.o packages in the Build Requirements, but I
> think at least two of them are as important as pkgconfig, and probably
> deserve to be listed explicitly (as well as available for download) from
> the above URL.  The hicolor-icon-theme and shared-mime-info packages are
> vital for this release of GNOME.  It's also not very clear that these
> packages are needed until after you have the desktop installed.  I know
> you're relying heavily on distributors here, but I really think you should
> reconsider those packages.

Yeah, I really should have mentioned those explicitly in this email; they
will be flagged heavily in the final release notes.


- Jeff

GVADEC 2004: Kristiansand, Norway          

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