Re: Evolution 2.0 and GNOME 2.6

JP Rosevear wrote:
> ...
When we first thought that evolution 2.0 might not be ready in time, the
release-team considered this. But I think we decided that
1. API should not be in the Desktop if no Desktop module uses it.

Well I believe the panel applet can use it.

Yes, the clock applet can use it.

The Evolution team agrees.  The above points and Miloslav's point about
e-d-s and Evolution 1.4 not working in harmony (which will be the
obvious choice of distros shipping Evolution) makes it fairly obvious
the e-d-s release isn't a good fit in GNOME 2.6, so we'll withdraw that
part of the proposal.

Hmm, that is a bit annoying. Some volunteers (not paid to work on GNOME) have spent a good deal of time working on integrating this with the desktop for 2.6.

Most of the same arguments that have been made in the evolution translation thread could be made here: the work isn't lost, just delayed, if it isn't ready then it shouldn't go in, etc. However, a little better communication might help. Personally, I would have spent my time much differently if I had any idea e-d-s would be withdrawn.

Perhaps, in the future, a new module can only be proposed/accepted for inclusion in the Desktop if it is *already* in an acceptable state. That way "being ready" or "not being ready" at the last minute is no longer an issue.


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