Re: Scripting in Gnome

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 01:30, James Henstridge wrote:
> Just thought I would add a pointer to my slides, which 
> gave an overview of scripting with the a11y framework, along with some 
> specific examples:
> The talk was recorded, but I don't know when the audio will be made 
> available.
> James.

Sounds very promising. The examples were interesting because thats the
kind of stuff im interested in too. I was thinking more on the way VBA
does things - It has application specific objects which provide a nice
clean object interface to scriptable stuff in an application so i would
want to replicate that and also allow a macro to interact with other
apps in the same way ( the object interface would of course hideaway the
bonobo calls and other glue that AT-SPI uses). Its good stuff - strange
that it was hidden away, you should definitely talk it up a bit more...

The D-Bus stuff is interesting too. Originally I thought it was just
gonna be a system for plug and play hardware but yes it could be used
for much more. As a low level messaging system it would need a higher 
object layer - perhaps have bonobo use D-Bus instead of Orbit/Corba ?
(you probably guessed that I think Corba is overkill for bonobo. Still
it should be faster with D-Bus and more usable by non-corba languages or
those without orbit bindings)


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