s/lockdown/disable in GConf key descriptions

If I'm right by now only Epiphany and gnome-panel implement lockdown

Ephy uses "disable" in GConf key descriptions[1], gnome-panel

IHMO the Ephy way is better, and easier to translators. I'm not saying
that gnome-panel have to use "disable", but just a more descriptive and
less technical verb then "lockdown".

BTW please note that gnome-panel as already an action called "Lock" for
applets, and, for example, in Italian is a tricky job distinguish lock
from lockdown.

Comments, opinions?

[1] i.e. "Disables loading of content from unsafe protocols. Safe
protocols are http: and https:" for

[2] i.e. "Complete panel lockdown" for /apps/panel/global/locked_down:
this one can became "Disable panel editing" or similar

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