Release: GStreamer 0.7.4 "Wooden Slugs"

Release notes for GStreamer 0.7.4 "Wooden Eels"

   The  GStreamer  team  is  happy to announce a new release in the 0.7.x
   development  series  of  the  GStreamer streaming-media framework. The
   goal  of  this  release  series  is to stabilize towards a 0.8 release
   series  which  will  be  part  of the GNOME 2.6 releases and hopefully
   eventually KDE 4.x.

   The  0.7 series is a development series and is aimed at developers. It
   is  NOT  API  or  ABI  compatible with the stable 0.6.x series or with
   other  releases in the series. This means you can not use this release
   to  upgrade  your  current  GStreamer  installation  and  expect  your
   GStreamer  applications  to  keep  working without a recompile. It is,
   however, parallel installable with the 0.6.x series.

Features of this release

     * Merged the new caps system
     * Reworked pad negotiation
     * Internationalized core and elements
     * Reworked  error  notification  with  translated error messages and
       additional debug information for developer feedback
     * Updated Dutch and French translations
     * Reworked clocking
     * Serialization of GstValue
     * Documentation of GstCaps
     * Poisoning of GstCaps
     * Queues now flushed properly to fix seeking in playback
     * Memleak fixes in core elements
     * Largely rewritten Plugin Writer's Guide
     * Unversioned tools that wrap all present and future versioned tools
       to help packagers
     * Portability fixes for Solaris and OSX
     * Lots of bugfixes


   You  find  source  releases of gstreamer in the [14]gstreamer download

GStreamer Homepage

   More    details    can    be   found   on   the   project's   website,

Support and Bugs

   We use Gnome's bugzilla for [16]bug reports and feature requests.


   CVS is hosted on You can [17]browse the gstreamer
   repository.  All  code  is  in  CVS and can be checked out from there.
   Interested  developers of the core library, plug-ins, and applications
   should  subscribe  to the gstreamer-devel list. If there is sufficient
   interest we will create more lists as necessary.


   As  mentioned  there are some changes in API/ABI between the 0.6.x and
   0.7.x  releases.  Many applications will probably be source compatible
   between  0.6.x.  and 0.7.x however. [18]Rhythmbox and [19]Sound Juicer
   for  instance  work very well when compiled on 0.7.x. GStreamer Player
   does  not  work  across  releases  however, so we will make a separate
   release of gst-player with the needed fixes for it to work with 0.7.x.
   This  release  contains the core fixes we were waiting for to port the
   player over so expect a gst-player release in the near future.

Contributors to this release

     * David Schleef
     * Benjamin Otte
     * Thomas Vander Stichele
     * Iain Holmes
     * Ronald Bultje
     * Colin Walters
     * Jan Schmidt
     * Jérémy Simon
     * Leif Morgan Johnson
     * Julien Moutte
     * Jon Trowbridge
     * Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller
     * Laurent Vivier


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