Re: UnMinimize/UnMaximize issues

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 08:39, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:

> I faced some issues, while trying to provide Close All/ Minimize All /
> Restore All for grouped task window. It could be possible that some task
> windows are in Minimized state, and some are in Maximized State. 
> Is there a unique, unambiguous, consistent name that could be given to 
> restore all task windows in original state. I felt, Restore All could be
> a candidate, but it would be inconsistent with a single task window.

Right, although I guess we could potentially change it to "Restore" for
single windows.  That's the term MS Windows uses IIRC, and while it's
possibly not as descriptive as 'unmaximize' or 'unminimize', it does
have the advantage for translators of being a real word :)

> Also, here's another issue of similar kind:
> *Have a window in Original State, Maximize it first and Minimize it
> next.
> *Now right click on the Iconized window. It will show UnMinimize as well
> as UnMaximize. Where in if the user clicks UnMaximize nothing happens on
> the screen. But the next right click shows UnMinimize and Maximize. 
> *Now click Maximize, Nothing shows up on the window, except the Next
> right click shows UnMinimize and UnMaximize.
> Isn't it a usability issue there?

I'd agree, there doesn't seem to be much point in showing the Maximize
or UnMaximize entries while a window is minimized.  Probably worth
filing in bugzilla.


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