Re: Please change translator_credits

Callum McKenzie <callum physics otago ac nz> writes:

>> Argh, sorry about this. I didn't pay enough attention to the schedule.
>> The change is really not important enough to break the freeze, it's
>> just an annoyance that should be fixed. Let's address it after 2.6.
> Well gnome-games is already done and given that fifteen files have to be
> changed (excluding .po files) I'm not changing it back. The good news is
> that I updated all the .po files so the translators shouldn't notice. No
> one has complained yet, so it looks like it can be done while
> effectively not breaking the string freeze (i.e. not creating any more
> work for the translators).
>  - Callum, waiting for the i18n people to crucify him.

Actually, I've noticed that you already did that, and I still don't
see a reason to crucify you ;)

It does help translators, it's just that one should be very careful
when doing it, so it is best if maintainer does it (just like you
did) -- or at least someone familiar with both PO file structure and
C code.


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