Remote Desktop - new name?

I'm writing documentation on remote desktop. I think we should avoid the
use of the term "desktop" in this functionality. "Desktop" as a term is
already overloaded with meanings, and I think it is best to avoid it to
avoid user confusion around this term (to read the discussions on the
desktop terms, see the archives for this list).

So, what to use instead? The options that come immediately to mind for
me are "session" and "display".

display: A visual representation of information on a computer screen. A
display is created on a display device, such as a screen, by a display
manager application, such as GNOME Display Manager (GDM).

session: A series of interactions that begins when a user logs in to the
GNOME Desktop, and ends when the user logs out of the GNOME Desktop.

I don't think display is a suitable replacement for desktop. For me,
display suggests that all that is being accessed is the visual
component, but the user is allowing someone to view or control their
GNOME Desktop. So I think session is a more suitable term here. It
conveys that the one who is allowed to view or control will be able to
interact with the session.

I would also like to discuss what verb (if any) to use with session. For
this we need to consider both the user and the sysadmin points-of-view.
So menu items for the user UI and the Sysadmin UI might look like one of
the following:

   User                     Sysadmin 
1. Allow Remote Session     Connect to Remote Session
2. Share Session            Connect to Session

"Remote" might not have much meaning for the user, so I think "Share
Session" is a better choice here.

What do people think?


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