Re: building libgtop

> This is a classic aclocal/automake version issue that should be resolved
> by demanding for specific aclocal/automake versions which is IMO planned
> for gnome-common, but won't be in GNOME 2.6.
> The problem here is that aclocal-1.4 doesn't complain about possible
> CFLAGS redifinitions in while 1.7 requires you to do this
> using a special variable (AM_CFLAGS). Unfortunately ac 1.4 doesn't know
> the AM_PROG_AS macro that 1.7 needs for inodedb_SRCLIST / inodedb_DEFS
> which seems to be treated as asm code.
> I don't know what to do about it. For the moment, you could manually re-
> run the 1.4 tools in this dir and manually execute autoconf.

I manage to build Gnome from CVS after staying up to 5 AM yesterday, thanks
(however there were a few real bugs on the way, like gnome-applets not
building due to some glib unresolved symbols, gtkhtml not generating a
"libtool" file, gnome-panel's libecal dependency on
evolution-data-server/libsoup was not addressed by jhbuild etc...)

I hope a solution will be found to fix these issues (including the jhbuild
issues)  to be able to build Gnome, so we beta testers can have an easier
ride with it, because I ain't going back to 1.4.x versions, in fact
Slackware just updated today from 1.7 to 1.8.x.


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