Re: Licensing and copyright

Hi Rob,
True enough that most/many GNOME developers currently do not assign
their copyright to the FSF, but I think that is still our official
policy for 'what to do' if you don't want to keep the copyright

As for licensing the rule is simply LGPL for the plattform libs and GPL
for the rest. More liberal licensing is also ok of course, but that is
the basic 'rule' that afaik has always been the foundation of GNOME.


On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 13:01 -0800, Rob Adams wrote:
> The FSF uses a procedure by which authors of significant contributions
> to GNU projects can assign their copyright to the FSF to make
> enforcement of the GPL easier.  GNOME is theoretically part of the GNU
> project, but it does not seem to follow the copyright guidelines used by
> other GNU projects and recommended in the licensing guidelines that the
> FSF lists for the GPL.
> Does the GNOME project have a policy on the ownership of GNOME code, on
> copyright, and on licensing?  As my contributions to GNOME become
> increasingly significant, I want to ensure that all the code I write has
> the copyright and licensing properly assigned to guarantee that there
> are not legal obstacles to enforcement of the GPL in GNOME projects to
> which I have contributed.
> Can someone point me to any documentation/developer guides on this issue
> that may exist?  If such a document does not exist, I would put forth
> that a policy for copyright should be created immediately.
> Thanks,
> Rob Adams
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