Re: Dropping sloppy focus support - how soon?

Larry W. Virden wrote:
From: Aaron Weber <aaron ximian com>

Let sloppy-focus be an unsupported, gconf-only option,
because honestly, most people shouldn't use it.

With the version of gnome that sun ships, there are 3 options for
window focus:

Click to give focus
Point to give focus
Point to give focus, raise window on focus

I don't think I've ever met a user who wanted anything other than the second
of these 3 options.

I hate when I give the focus and the window does not raise. That leads to typing on wrong windows.


Is that the option that is potentially to become "unsupported"?

Good grief!  I know literally hundreds (nearly a thousand) users who
would rather see GNOME deleted off the disk if faced with not having
"Point to give focus".

I'd think that if this is a typical expectation, then the behavior should
not be relegated to "unsupported"...

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