Re: A question about procedure regarding a desktop environment policy

<quote who="Michaeljohn Clement">

> It's been pointed out by others that many people rely on sloppy focus and
> will abandon Gnome the day this happens.  Is there something confusing
> about that answer?

Note that this is a potentially dangerous line to use. A lot of people have
complained about GNOME's direction since 2.0 - should we act on every issue
they've raised? Hmm, no - random people said they would "abandon GNOME" if
we didn't include the colour selector, too. :-)

It's a balance, and we have to weigh up the value of the input we receive. I
tend to think that a large proportion of the noisy, dispositive input we get
on the mailing lists fits into the outlying 1% extremes - yep, both sides!

So, rather than arguing that a vocal minority of our users would be alarmed
or angry that it were removed, you should really cover the benefits of the
preference for a good proportion of *all* our users. That said, I know it's
hard to stick to rational arguments when faced with the original post. ;-)

(I've set reply-to to usability  )

- Jeff

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