Re: File chooser API for formats in Save mode


> chooser = gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new ("Save As", 
> 				       parent_window,
> gtk_file_chooser_add_save_format (chooser, 0, "Excel 2000", ...);
> gtk_file_chooser_add_save_format (chooser, 1, "Gnumeric", ...);
> gtk_file_chooser_add_save_format (chooser, 2, "Lotus 1-2-3", ...);
> gtk_file_chooser_set_save_format (chooser, 1); /* Make Gnumeric the default */

I think that the combobox is lacking some API that would make this
possible.  In fact, I needed to do something similar recently with some
stuff I put in gnome-media.  So maybe it would be better to think in
terms of something that can be added to gtk-combo and would be
generically available from GTK, than a very custom solution for the file
chooser combo box ?

Feel free to put me in my place if I missed the point of the mail :)


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