Re: metacity: removing alt-shift-up/down

> > I consider myself an average user when it comes to metacity,
> I don't think that you're an average (target) GNOME user. You know too
> much.

It is a bit sad that we always have to argue about hypothetical average
while ignoring our own experience...
> By the way, I should clarify that Metacity uses Alt-Shift-Arrow to take
> the currently active window to a different workspace, not to switch to a
> different workspace.
> I seriously think that's a rare operation - much rarer than basic folder
> navigation. In the rare cases where you need to do that, I think it's
> fine to use the little window manager menu.

I have to agree with you that sending windows to other workspace is probably
rare operation, even for the few not-quite-average users who know metacity 
keynav. Thus perhaps not worth of being assigned 4 of the scarce arrow-key 

Moving to a different workspace is a relatively frequent operation, if you
the many-workspaces-and-maximized-windows kind of user.


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