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> I think instead of talking about policy and what not; we instead decide 
> how we could avoid the situation.  It might simply mean that when talking 
> about removing a package that you have a member of the translation team 
> involved so that they know whats going on.

I think of "we decide" as "we establish a policy" (policy is, AFAIK,
an "objective"/"preset" way to make decisions).  The very idea of
avoiding such situation again is what made me express my concerns in
the first place: I'm aware that adding Evolution is not an option at 
this time, and I never suggested that.

Involving a translation team member who works on a particular
translation directly in the project is usually not possible --
translators don't have the time to handle that.  If, OTOH, I as a
coordinator take that duty, it would mean me tracking 150+ projects
(or should that be 'only' 50 Gnome "core" modules?) that reside in
Gnome CVS -- hardly an option.

> Constantly going on and on about this thread seems unhelpful from what I 
> can tell.

Well, I wanted to make my opinion clear, what -- it seems -- I failed
to do in couple of my first messages.  We're not "constantly going
on", and this part of the thread has had at least a ten times fewer
messages than the other part ;)  Anyway, I thank both Murray and you
for finding some time to look over this issue.


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