keywise.scm: metacity keyboard window selection menu [WAS: metacity roadmap]

Havoc Pennington writes:

>> I hope we can do even better, I'd very much like to experiment a bit
>> improve the situation.  To that point I've already made a small
>> libwnck wrapper for guile-gnome and am rewriting the keywise.c popup
>> in guile.
> Sounds cool!

Adding libwnck support to gnome-guile was a bit more work than I
hoped, but it's all there[1] now.  We are (read: Andreas Rottman is)
working slowly towards tarball release of the new g-wrap and

Find keywise.scm attached[2].

A few big issues remain:

 1. a keyboard binding for use with Metacity
    (currently it's only usable with sawfish, which is not helpful).
 2. figure-out toplevel: window or applet?
 3. tabbed windows?

Any help with esp 1. and 2. ftm greatly appreciated.


[1] tla register-archive a rottmann gmx at--2004-main \ rottmann gmx at/2004-main
    tla register-archive guile-gnome-devel gnu org--2004 \ gnu org/2004/
    tla get a rottmann gmx at--2004-main/g-wrap--mainline--1.9.0 g-wrap
    tla get guile-gnome-devel gnu org--2004/dists--dev guile-gnome
    cd guile-gnome
    tla build-config -r configs/
    cd src
    tla get guile-gnome-devel gnu org--2004/libwnck--dev libwnck


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