Distance between menu items


I noticed that the distance between menu items in GNOME 2.6 is much larger then in 2.4. Therefore you can for example not have too many bookmarks before they go off the screen especially on low resolution screen

I made two screenshot. Gnome 2.6 in Debian
See http://ftp.haitsma.org/debian-gnome.jpg
and one in Fedora Core 1 with Gnome 2.4
See http://ftp.haitsma.org/rh-gnome.jpg

In Debian Gnome 2.6 the menu items are 30 pixels apart and in Fedora Gnome 2.4 only 24 pixels.

I also found a screenshot of somebody running Gnome 2.6 on Fedora Core 2. See http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/teams/marketing/en/2004/two-six-screenshots/html/large/Jorge_Castro_templates.png

There the menu items are also very far apart.

I asked about this on the gnome-gtk debian list (See http://lists.debian.org/debian-gtk-gnome/2004/07/msg00025.html ) and they suggested to post it overhere. More people were seeing this change from 2.4 to 2.6

Was this designed on purpose during Gnome 2.6? Is there anyway to change this setting. I would love to have them a bit closer.



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