GNOME HIG and spec. a bit contradicting??


I recently filed a bug on the mozilla firefox package in Debian. The menu entry of it said "Mozilla Firefox" and the comment also said "Mozilla Firefox". In accordance to the Gnome HIG [1] I proposed to change the name to "Firefox Web Browser" and the comment to "Browse the World Wide Web"

One of the comments I received is that the freedesktop spec [2] says the following:

Name		Specific name of the application, for example "Mozilla".

GenericName	Generic name of the application, for example "Web Browser".

Comment Tooltip for the entry, for example "View sites on the Internet"; should not be redundant with Name or GenericName.

So according to him setting the name to Mozilla Firefox is OK. So it seems that the GNOME HIG and the spec are a bit contradicting.

He also mentioned the following:
KDE, for example, allows the user to show menu entries in three ways:
1 Name
2 Name (GenericName)  (The way that gnome suggests you to set the name)
3 GenericName (Name)

BTW all my currently installed .desktop files do not contain a GenericName. Is there a plan to start using this in GNOME?? Would also be nice if the GNOME HIG and the spec would advise the same.




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