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<quote who="Shaun McCance">

> There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of discussion but no real
> decision. InDUBstrial and SmoothGnome seemed to be the two biggest
> contenders.

(Just to clarify - Indubstrial was only done as an experiment to see if we
could make Industrial less... white. If everyone wanted to use it, we should
ask if changing the Industrial defaults would be okay - we shouldn't ship a
whole different GNOME theme for small changes like these.)

So, I wonder what the SmoothGNOME engine maintainer would think about being
included in gnome-themes? It would be cool to include it even if we didn't
choose it as the default. Let's find out!

Also, thus far no work has been done to package the Industrial engine
separately from upstream's 'ximian-artwork' SRPM, or to update the version
in gnome-themes-extras and move it to gnome-themes.

> We're getting close to the need-to-know point for documentation.  Can we
> get this discussion started back up and reach a decision this time?  If
> there are hard-to-solve issues, then perhaps we should just punt it to
> Gnome 2.10.

Let's get it sorted this week, in time for feature freeze. Is that enough
time for the docs dudes, Shaun?

- Jeff

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