Re: An idea for future desktops: back to the future -concept

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 11:38:59AM +0300, Juha Mox Huuhtanen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a researcher in Arki research group ( and I'm
> involved in the research for future of media. During our scenario
> brainstorming sessions, an idea was presented about the ability to "jump
> back in time" in regards to the stuff you have on the computer. While this
> is a very interesting possibility, it is unfortunately out of scope for
> our research.
> However, Gnome could realize this kind of ability and I thought
> you might be interested :)
> A short concept description can be found from:

 "also called version controlling the whole computer. This concept
  would be most powerful, if it would be integrated to the core of the
  computer system, into the filesystem, for example."

 Very simple, simply apply the concept first to your equipment,
get a Multics system from the eighties, and voila you would have
versionning of all data implemented at the filesystem level and
integrated backup mechanism to progressively move older stuff
to tape. Your concept is good you just need to apply it to hardware
and OS as a first step ;-)


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