Re: how to make desktop app send email?

W liście z pią, 16-07-2004, godz. 16:17, Linas Vepstas pisze: 
> The hard part to find out what the user's favorite MUA was, from
> the desktop registry/gconf entry/KDE config-whatever that would
> hold this info.  (That's why this is a desktop question).  

That's exactly why use gnome_url_show() in GNOME. This way you don't
have to find out anything, but whatever user has set in preferred
applications panel will be used instead.

> Although it would be nice to email something with only one or two
> subroutine calls,  a la gnome_url_show(),  I'm willing, as a programmer, 
> to write hundreds of app-specific lines of code, some for evolution, 
> some for kmail/aethera, some for mutt,  *if* I knew what the users favorite
> MUA was.  I'm willing to overcome adversity; these few hundred lines 
> of code would be in my app, where I have total power & control,
> and so its "easy".
> The hard part is this fuzzy area of desktop preferences, HIG guidelines,
> configurabilility/config dialogs, lists of default mime-type handlers
> ... debian /etc/alternatives, except there's no /etc/alternatuives/mua 
> in debian (much less other distro's).  I don't know where or how to 
> write the hundreds of lines of code to fish out the prefered user MUA 
> from wherever it is stored....

Not sure what you mean, but you seem to be saying that using
gnome_url_show() for launching preferred handler is not good enough and
instead you need to write hundreds LOC to find preferred handler?

/me confused


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