Re: Proposed: cantus

<quote who="Eugenia Loli-Queru">

> >cantus uses sigc++ and all the *mm stack, so if we add it to the desktop
> >we should need to add the entire C++ bindings to it.
> If the Gnome desktop really needs a tag editor

(That's pretty much the crux of the debate, and it's sounding like a "no" at
this stage.)

> there are two more alternatives that the gnome maintainers could discuss
> bringing in: gTag and
> MusicBox
> Apparently their only external dependency is "taglib".

They weren't proposed for inclusion, so they aren't up for discussion at
this stage.

- Jeff

-- 2005: Canberra, Australia      
      "In addition to these ample facilities, there exists a powerful
       configuration tool called gcc." - Elliot Hughes, author of lwm

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