Re: GTK+ 2.6 and GNOME 2.8

<quote who="Joe Marcus Clarke">

> I just noticed that gtk+-2.5.0 was posted, and took a look at the GTK+ 2.6
> release plan.  It looks like they may be one month ahead of schedule, but
> that would still put a release in November with GNOME 2.8 going out the
> door in September.
> I know that the new libgnomeprint needs pango-1.5.  Is this going to
> change so that pango-1.4 will be sufficient?  Will GTK+ 2.6's schedule be
> in sync with GNOME 2.8?  Will pango become 1.6 before GTK+ 2.6 is
> released?  I'm just trying to plan for updates in the FreeBSD port. 

Pango 1.6 will be with us for GNOME 2.8, but GTK+ 2.6 won't be.

- Jeff

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