Re: Proposed: gnome-system-tools


> Please note that not everyone uses Red Hat. I use Slackware or Debian most
> of the time and I welcome g-s-t because the default ISOs have no such gui
> tools. Other distros don't either (e.g. gentoo and many others).
> You could argue that "the distro vendors should decide to include g-s-t or
> not", but the reality is, it is very difficult to get the distro makers
> actually include non-official and not-well-known apps on the default
> distribution, even if you, as a user, know that they are needed. I know
> personally with Slackware, Patrick is not an easy person to deal with when
> asking to add a new app in the distro (subversion, fam, rhythmbox was out of
> the question for him too ;-).

I have to ask - you are using a distro that is targeted mostly at
servers, and the person in charge seems to be opposed to adding some
applications in his distribution, possibly because it's not the focus of
his distribution and there are already enough distros out there that
have a different focus.

On the other hand you are a usability-focused person, seem to be focused
on desktop integration and such.  And there quite a few distributions
that focus on this.

Why are you choosing to stick with slackware if it's obviously not the
distribution you should be using given your focus targets ?


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