Re: Proposed: gnome-nettool

> > gnome-nettool is a user-oriented app, nothing to do with sysadmin'ing

>What users are you thinking of for this ?!?

To correctly answer this we have to take a step back and view the whole
gnome in perspective. The "market" of gnome is mostly geeks, devs, admins,
students and generally, people who are always in search of the "different"
(in other words, these users are more than simple windows users that do a
bit of internet surfing, IM, and word processing). I have seen many times in
this list that the main "market and target" of gnome is the office desktop.

Scenario: Jane has a problem with her unix/linux PC at work. She files a
report with the sys admin. The sys admin can either decide to directly
connect to Jane's PC using vnc (and hence vino is useful), or he can popup
to her desk (an excuse to see charming Jane up close too ;-) and start using
directly the nettools or the g-s-t apps (the second would require the root
passwd anyway). Should these tools weren't there in the first place
installed, the admin would have to use command line solutions. CLI is good,
but gnome is a GUI DE and so it is a plus for everyone to offer comparative
solutions to cli (if that wasn't the case, we would be using a Curses-based
DE :-)

In conclusion, if the scope of gnome is purely a simple/plain desktop
environement for random users, none of these tools have a place into gnome's
default release. However, if you see the whole thing a bit more
realistically in terms of where gnome is used today, I believe these tools
have a place in a default release (refer to my yesterday's email too about
why is important some apps to be in the default release).


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