Re: [fdo] Re: On translation regressions due to dependencies

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Christian Rose wrote:
> > So, IMO, giving all translators CVS access isn't really a solution.
> [...]
> (Just for the record -- we don't allow CVS access for all translators in
> GNOME either, and all translators don't have accounts.)

For whatever it's worth, in Inkscape, I picked one of the more active
translators and gave him commit access but along with that the duty to
commit patches from other translators.  We then require translators to
post their translation .po files to our patch tracker.  Any translator
needing more direct access than this, need only request it (so far few

This has worked well for us on several counts.  We have a single point
of contact for translation, minimize the number of infrequently used or
transient CVS accounts, and simplify the process for translators (no
need to learn CVS - just upload files).  It was also helpful during our
feature freeze period, because it meant we could keep our eye on a
single committer for the entirety of the translation work being done.
We are also able to enforce policy (character encoding) on translations
quite easily.  We use a similar process of translations of manuals,
tutorials, etc.


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