bug no. 77300 : "Run Program" dialog's command history should remember "Run in terminal" settings

  We are working on bug no. 77300 and we are stuck and need some help. 

Bug description:

	The advanced mode of the "Run Program" dialog remembers a history of recent
commands.  For each command in the history, the state of the "Run in
terminal" check box should be remembered as well.  Whether or not a program
needs a terminal is a pretty static thing; if I run the same command twice,
I probably want to use the same setting for this check box.

Version details: gnome-panel-,
installed via Ximian's Red Carpet

   The proposed solution is to store the history in the form of a command and Run_in_termnial bit pair. We want to know whether its better to store the history in Gconf or in an XML file. Or is there an even better way?


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