Running GtkFileChooserDialog in a loop


Owen pointed out that several applications in the core desktop have
constructs like this:

while (TRUE) {
  response = gtk_dialog_run (my_file_chooser);

  if (response == GTK_RESPONSE_OK) {
    filename = gtk_file_chooser_get_filename (my_file_chooser);
    if (is_folder (filename)) {
      gtk_file_chooser_set_current_folder (my_file_chooser, filename);
    } else {
      do_something_with (filename);
  } else

This is a workaround for a bug that GtkFileChooser used to have, and
that was never reported:  it would allow you to dismiss the dialog (say,
with the Open or OK button) even when a folder was selected, rather than
a file.

This is NOT required; the bug is fixed now.  You should never need to
re-run the file chooser if it returns something bogus; if such a thing
happens, it is a bug.

Please see the details here:

The file chooser API is designed to be convenient.  If you find that it
forces you to use it in cumbersome ways, please file a bug.

This has been a public service announcement.


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