gdm2 string freeze breakage

There has been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the
string frozen gdm2 HEAD branch.

This seems to be the commit in gui/gdmlanguages.c that caused the
unannounced string addition:

1.36 <jirka> 2004-02-29 13:03

Sun Feb 29 10:02:51 2004 George Lebl <jirka 5z com>

* gui/gdmlanguages.c: Make gdm know about en_DK

This is the change:

Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
frozen times is very important.

This string addition appears to be supposed to add an "en_DK" language
to the language list, which would seem nonsensic to most people, as
there simply is no large English-speaking population minority in
Denmark, and English isn't an official language of Denmark either. The
only official language in Denmark is Danish. Thus, adding en_DK as a
language makes as little sense as adding any other random combination of
any language and territory.

Also, we don't have any en_DK translations in GNOME, and given the above
situation, there's very little probability we will ever have such.

Thus, I would not even see the point in adding this language entry in
non-freeze times, and absolutely not at freeze times. I suggest it be
reverted immediately.


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