Re: string freeze breakage in file-roller

fre, 05.03.2004 kl. 20.35 +0100, skrev Paolo Bacchilega:

> Hi,
> in order to fix bug #135863 ("Zip" unfortunate terminology in 
> file-roller) I have to change some strings thus breaking the freeze.
Hrm. This is not the way to proceed when we are this deep into the
freeze period. It has been stated that approval is needed *before* the
changes are commited to CVS, so merely informing the teams about a
change is not enough. The GTP decides if the string changes go in or
not, and my gut feeling is that this would not be approved this late.

> I hope this is less annoying than trying to translate the term "zip"
> in other languages ;)

It has been this way "forever" and it can surely wait until after 2.6.0
to be improved on. This is why we have ui-review and string review
periods long before the freezes set in.


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