Revisiting Gnucash..

Around this time of year, I usually start looking at the Gnucash project
to see how they've been doing.  More importantly, what the progress of the
GTK2/GNOME2 port is going.

As far as I know, they have a gnome2 branch where one person is hacking on
it slowly.  From the searches I've seen, the porting effort has been
plodding on.

I consider Gnucash to be one of those killer applications that a desktop
needs.  Having an updated Gnome2 loving Gnucash would be a huge advantage 
for everyone (commericial desktops included).  It's just a real trajedy 
that they are still using the previous generation of the GTK toolkit.  I 
know it's been a sour point with the Gnucash project they don't have the 
resources to speed up the port but have a lot of demand to have it ported.

I'm looking to see if we can get a group of people who have some spare 
time and would be able to put a little time into making Gnucash port.  
This is a completely unsolicited request from a person who would love to 
start doing his finances/taxes using an open/free program, and not from 
the project itself.

The major challenge with porting to GNOME2 is that there are a lot of 
homebrewed widgets that need to get ported to Gnome2 widgets.  But I think 
growing the team of one to a team of many is a good thing.

Don't do it for me, do it for GNU! (okay sorry bad joke. :-)

[No need to clutter up ddl.  Please post follow ups to gnome-love.]


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