Release Team Meeting 2004-03-11


Minutes For GNOME Release Team Meeting 2004-03-11

Present:                      Missing:

Andrew Sobala                 Jonathan Blandford
Frederic Crozat
Jeff Waugh
Kjartan Maraas
Luis Villa
Mark McLoughlin
Murray Cumming


  DONE: Kjartan to let us know how the current i18n stats compare to
        2.4 (Gathering these stats require significant manual work)

  DONE: Murray to setup a template for the release notes in CVS

  DONE: Mark to mail gtk team on release-team consensus about the 
        possible file chooser API break

  DONE: Jeff to announce schedule delay based on the gtk API break 
        (No schedule delay in the end)

  DONE: Murray to announce code freeze. Again, pending the gtk decision

  DONE: Jeff to send out a call for tarballs for Beta 2. Also to 
        identify any modules which desperately need someone to step in
        and do a release 
        (No call for tarballs, but tarballs rolled in anyway)

  DONE: Luis to mail Jakub, Tuomas and Garrett about a splash screen

  DONE: Andrew to handle gathering screenshots

  PENDING: Jonathan let gnome-i18n know when filesel is going to be
           string frozen

  ONGOING: Luis and Andrew to send more bug lists

  ONGOING: Murray and Jeff to keep track of release notes and press 
           release progress

  NEW: Jeff to mail Jody about lateness of control-center and 
       libgnomeprint releases

  NEW: Mark to remember to add the commit Jakub's final splashscreen
       before doing the gnome-session 2.6.0 release

  NEW: Andrew to sent screenshot thumbnails to Jeff

  NEW: All GNOME bodies to buy beverage of your choice for post-release 
       chill out
Decisions and discussion:

  * Quality

	Luis reports that buglists are a success. He and Andrew will continue
sending out lists.

	Andrew reports that nautilus and control-center have the most crasher
bugs still open. Some discussion about the new file chooser being a
worry and that new crasher bugs seem to be still appearing.

	Kjartan posted stats on the translations status so far for 2.6.0:

	Generally Kjartan feels 2.6.0 is in good shape i18n-wise, barring the
string freeze break in file-roller.

  * Release Notes

	All worried that progress on the release notes seems slow. Murray has
committed a template set of notes to CVS. Colin is blocked awaiting a
CVS account. Agreement that the release notes should preferably be done
in well in advance of the final release notes date. Murray to continue
working with Colin.

  * Beta 2 Progress

	Most tarballs seem to have arrived promptly. Thanks everyone. XML
issues with intltool which will delay the intltool release.
libgnomeprint releases haven't turned up. libgtop release in progress
and may make it on time.

	However, the release will happen very shortly with or without the
pending tarballs.

  * GTK+ Progress

	Worries about the FileChooser quality. General consensus that 2.6.0
would block on this issue and that the GTK+ developers should not feel
pressured to release GTK+ 2.4.0 even with some residual FileChooser
buginess. General agreement that things are progressing well however.

   * 2.8 Schedule

	Jeff raised the issue about whether the schedule for 2.8.0 should push
out by the same amount as the 2.6.0 schedule slipped. Consensus that it
shouldn't and that we should try and keep GNOME releases on track for
around March 10 and September 10 each year barring any changes of policy
to e.g. a 9 month release cycle.

   * 2.6.x Schedule
	Discussion about how we should proceed with 2.6.x after 2.6.0. Kjartan
volunteered to manage those releases with the help of Frederic and
Andrew. The rest of the team will focus on the unstable release. This
should help GNOME 2.7.x development to begin earlier.

	Also agreed that more emphasis should be given for 2.6.x on committing
fixes to the stable branch as well as HEAD. This practice was generally
not continued for long during 2.4.x.


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