GStreamer not following GNOME release process

Hi all,

'gstreamer' and 'gst-plugins' are both regarded as being part of the GNOME
Desktop release, however they do not seem to be following the GNOME release
process very thoroughly. Lack of timely tarball releases are unfortunate,
but most worrying is the lack of commitment to freezes and so on. I worry
that GStreamer is setting a bad example, because it is feverishly defended
as "part of GNOME" but does not participate as such.

Obviously, visibility is a problem with GStreamer being hosted elsewhere, so
it is tougher to track it as well as other GNOME modules. One potential fix
for that is to subscribe GNOME's cvs-commits-list to GStreamer's; this would
increase general awareness of the work going into GStreamer quite a bit, as
well as make it easier to track process snafus. :-)

Another suggestion made previously is that we could remove GStreamer from
the GNOME release module sets, and deal with it similarly to the way we
handle other external dependencies such as libpng and gnutls by following
the stable releases only, etc. This will allow GStreamer to follow its own
release process, whatever that may be.

So, how can we sort this out for maximum benefit of everyone involved? :-)


- Jeff

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         "It's my head, Schwartz - it's my head!" - John Malkovich

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