Re: gconf and lockdown

On 18/03/2004 1:48 PM, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

I can't find any documentation *anywhere* on how this is supposed to

We're trying to get Evolution to respect read-only gconf keys, but
without knowing how we're supposed to make keys read-only it's a bit of
a problem.

I take it that we're supposed to use gconf_client_key_is_writeable() (or
whatever it's called) to check the read-only status of keys, yes?

How do we make keys read-only?
GConf key lookups are done by sequentially searching through a stack of gconf databases. The default stack is defined in /etc/gconf/2/path, and contains /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory (readonly), ~/.gconf (writable) and /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults (readonly).

If a system administrator wants to change the default settings for their users, they can just add keys to the gconf.xml.defaults database (they shouldn't be modifying the schemas to achieve this). If the system administrator wants to enforce certain settings, they can add keys to the gconf.xml.mandatory database. Since it is readonly and comes before ~/.gconf, it makes those keys readonly.

To write values to these non-default config sources, you can use gconftool-2's --config-source option.


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