Re: Privacy

Linas Vepstas wrote:


Jody, sorry, I'll try to recap succinctly:

-- User is running gnome or kde desktop at home, and shares the
  desktop with the rest of the family.
-- User wants to password-protect thier gnucash data sets (and/or
  thier word docs and or thier pornography/or whatever) so that
  the rest of the family (or at least the kids) don't get access.

-- To acheive the above, logging in/out of gdm/xdm/kdm sessions is impractical for a variety of reasons.
-- To achieve the above, running multiple x servers & xlock
  is impratical/inelegant.
-- To acheive the above, throwing the burden on the app writer
  leads to hacks and inconsistent GUI's, as each app implements
  thier own obscure, hard-to-maintain solution.
-- To acheive the above, calling it a "sysadmin issue" or
  "solving" it with a HOWTO is impractical/inelegant.

Conclude: there needs to be a standardized, architected, desktop-seal-of-approval'ed way of dealing with granular
security levels from the gnome or KDE desktops.
I must say I don't realy get the problem with login/logout.

But, the other way is ether detach/reatachable x-sessions much like vnc. or encrypted filesystems that can be mounted / unmounted.

Suport for mounting and unmounting and possably creating new encrypted folders could be integrated in the filemanager, or be a standalone app.

That is probably worth while for it's own sake. But realy, what's the problem with logout/login? Losing history in the IM-app - fix the bug in the IM app! Belive Gaim alreddy fix this.

Want to play music continusly? Write a musik server and some nice Gui that conects to it on login.

Summary: Fix the bugs and anoyances with loging out / loging in.

And, easy gui for crypted subfolders... Would be nice on it's own and help those that realy, realy, don't whant to log out.


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