GNOME Release Team Meeting 2004-03-18


Minutes For GNOME Release Team Meeting 2004-03-18

Present:                        Regrets:        Missing:

Andrew Sobala                   Luis Villa      Jeff Waugh
Frederic Crozat
Jonathan Blandford
Kjartan Maraas (moonlighting)
Mark McLoughlin
Murray Cumming


  DONE: Andrew to sent screenshot thumbnails to Jeff

  N/A: Jonathan let gnome-i18n know when filesel is going to be string 

  ONGOING: Luis and Andrew to send more bug lists

  ONGOING: Murray and Jeff to keep track of release notes and press 
           release progress

  PENDING: Jeff to mail Jody about lateness of control-center and 
           libgnomeprint releases

  PENDING: Mark to remember to add the commit Jakub's final splashscreen
           before doing the gnome-session 2.6.0 release

  NEW: Mark to mail Owen, Alex and Jonathan to get input on whether the 
       gnome-vfs or gtk+ backend for the file chooser should be the 
       default for GNOME 2.6.0

  NEW: Kjartan to provide updated i18n stats for the release notes

  NEW: Mark to draw up 2.6.x schedule

  NEW: Mark to draw up 2.8.0 schedule

  NEW: All to think about how the Release Team should look in future

  NEW: Boston/Sydney people to come up with a better meeting time or 
       stop whinging :-)
Decisions and discussion:

  * Quality

	Andrew reports not much movement on the critical bug list. General
feeling that most of the oustanding critical bugs are rare, not
reproducible or just plain "too hard". Otherwise 2.6.0 looks to be in
good shape.

  * Release Notes

	Murray and Colin have been working away on the release notes and good
progress is being made. Release notes should be ready in time for the
release. Everyone should help out Murray and Colin as best they can.

  * GTK+ Progress / File Chooser

	All very pleased to see the 2.4.0 release. Quality generally seems
good. Some discussion about the file chooser quality and everyone agrees
its in no worse shape than to be expected for a major new feature.

	Discussed at length whether the gnome-vfs or gtk+ backend for the file
chooser should be the default for GNOME 2.6.0. Worries that it would be
dangerous to enable the gnome-vfs backend by default for the first time
in 2.6.0 and that we should make gtk+ the default for 2.6.0 and then
enable gnome-vfs for 2.6.1 after it has received more testing. Jonathan
points out that he and Federico have spent some time testing the vfs
backend and even the gtk+ backend has seen significant changes lately.
Mark to ask advice from Alex and Owen at Jonathan's suggestion.

   * 2.6.0 Release Preparations

	All looks to be on track here. Brief discussion about the start/2.6
page but general agreement that this can be done very quickly on the day
of the release.

	2.6.0 release will be on March 24 all going well.

   * 2.8 Schedule

	Brief discussion on this. Sep 10 release date sounds good to everyone.
Mark to prepare a schedule working back from that date and send it out
for review. Also agreed to stop doing the "completed milestones" thing
with the schedule as its confusing and doesn't get updated.

   * 2.6.x Schedule
	Discussion about rough schedule proposed by Mark in a separate mail -
2.6.1 a month from now, 2.6.2 3 months from now and 2.6.3 6 months from
now. Mark to draw up the schedule properly and send it out for review.

   * Meeting Time

	Time doesn't suit Boston people. Need to figure out a better time.

   * Release Team Re-Org

	All agreed to think about this in advance of discussing it post 2.6.0.


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