Re: Privacy

> Life ends without IRC scrollback, and my 8 year old shares my mp3
> player with me.  Logging out is not an option.

Yes, what you want is some sort of application migration or

I think the X technology to allow for migration of applications between
displays is already developed or being developed as we speak.  I
remember reading something about this.  Now, it would be great if you
could write a "remote app selector" that would let you see all the
remote apps in a list, and drag one or more of these apps in the current

> > > Creating yet another user really won't make the accounts more secure. 
> > > Just more obscurely located.  I thought only MS practiced security
> > > through obscurity? ;)
> > 
> > Sure it will; as per your previous statement: using the OS ACL
> > mechanisms is a very valid access-control mechanism, and is the one that
> > should be respected.
> > 
> > I think the idea is more a "gnome-standard" way to allow the paradigm of
> > "use a different user for that purpose".
> > 
> > In any case, it looks like there already is:
> > though I hate it when a project's
> > homepage goes away, or doesn't exist in the first place. :(
> > 
> > [BTW, there's nothing wrong with security through obscurity ... it just 
> >  can't be the _only_ security you have.  Otherwise, pile on the 
> >  obscurity to slow 'em down. ;) ]
> I use obscurity to hide most of my stuff from my 8-year old. 
> I have no other choice, because the current gnome/linux desktop
> just doesn't offer anything better.  And so far, obscurity is
> enough to hide things from him.
> > 
> > ...jsled
> > 
> > -- 
> > - `a=jsled;; echo ${a} ${b}`
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