Re: Do FileChooser+gnome-vfs currently work?

On 22/03/2004 5:20 PM, Luca Ferretti wrote:

Il dom, 2004-03-21 alle 23:15, Jonathan Blandford ha scritto:
Luca Ferretti <elle uca libero it> writes:

You need to do "is_local" to be FALSE on the file chooser.

Mhhh... first, it seem that the proper properties is "local_only" :-)

Second, now my /opt/gnome/share/themes/Simple/gtk-2.0/gtkrc contains[1]
GtkFileChooser::local_only = 0
       GtkFileChooser::show_hidden = 1
       GtkFileChooser::file_system_backend = "gnome-vfs"
These properties are object properties as opposed to style properties. Putting them in your gtkrc file will have no effect. An application has to explicitly state that it can support non-local files. If it doesn't, then the file selector will only let the user select local files.

The reason that the default is local-only=True is that the failure mode is less severe.

If an app supports openning remote files but local-only=True, then the app still works (but some of its functionality is hidden). If an app only supports local files but local-only=False then the user can select files to open that the app can't handle, which is much worse.


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