Re: Weekly translation status


As promised, this was the final report after most of the tarballs
have probably been released (so the "weekly" in the title is not
really correct ;).  [The real "weekly" report will come out to
gnome-i18n as scheduled (on Friday).]

(d-d-l and r-t readers, if you want, check complete status report at

> Translation status changes from 2004-03-18 to 2004-03-22.
> Average change during this period was 1.868%.
> Top 5 movers of the week: 
>   * British English (up 59.48%, now supported)
>   * Punjabi (up 54.03%, partially supported)
>   * Romanian (up 8.15%, supported)
>   * Chinese Traditional (up 5.57%, supported)
>   * Bengali (up 4.37%, supported)

Note that these 4 (all except Punjabi, which is at 72%) have actually
become supported in these 4 days!  So, now we have 36 supported
languages, and 13 partially supported.  Those writing release notes
should take that into account.

Seems Gnome 2.6 is the best Gnome so far in terms of l10n (for
example, Gnome 2.4.* series *now* has 33 supported languages, of
which only 10 are at 100% -- we've got now 16 languages with 100%
translations of UI messages).  I also hope to see at least the
following languages supported by 2.6.1 time (that's four weeks away):
   37.  Slovak (sk)                    78.76%     up 0.29%
   38.  Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)         76.62%     up 2.88%
   39.  Punjabi (pa)                   72.14%    up 54.03%
   40.  Vietnamese (vi)                71.24%    no change
   41.  Hungarian (hu)                 70.40%     up 3.98%
   42.  Slovenian (sl)                 70.15%    no change

And sure, lets make Gnome 2.8 even better ;)

Congratulations and thanks to everybody involved, including hackers
who helped solve many l10n issues ;)


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