Re: Filenames, escaping, and GtkFileSystem

Le mer 24/03/2004 à 22:55, Federico Mena Quintero a écrit :

> 2. Specify that GtkFileSystem::make_path() must escape the filename,
> thus allowing any characters to appear in it, *and* then unescaping
> filenames when reading them from the file system.  This would make it
> possible to have file names like "Report from the engineering/marketing
> teams" above.

I'm sure this would lead to all kind of very interesting problems, such
as: how do you specify this filename with a complete path ?
IMHO, you'd better tell your engineering/marketing people that the "/"
is one of the 2 forbidden characters in unix paths, and be done with
that. You'll be flamed by unix purists otherwise.

Or you could always take advantage of the utf-8 encoding and replace the
slash with something approaching, like U+0338 "̸" or U+FF0F "/" or
U+2215 "∕" (this one seems the right one), or something else. There are
often symbols with the same representation in the unicode charmap.


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