Re: Will we ship respun tarballs for 2.6.0? [Was: GNOME 2.6 Rescheduled]


On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 18:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Jeff Waugh">
> > As a result of the recent web server intrusion, the release team has
> > chosen to delay the announcement of GNOME 2.6 until March 31st.
> (Sending this again, sorry if you see it twice.)
> Translators are still committing updates, so if any i18n people request new
> tarball releases, and our machines are ready for it in time, please respin.
> I will happily test and ship updated tarballs for 2.6.0 final.

	Some people might be confused at this stage because we said "as soon as
you've released your 2.6.0 tarball, the code freeze is over and you can
commit 2.6.1 stuff".

	So, in the hope that it might clear up the confusion, this is the way
I'm going to handle it:

  + If there hasn't any 2.6.1 stuff[1] committed, then I'll probably do
    a tarball if there have been any non-minor translation 

  + If there *has* been 2.6.1 stuff committed, then I won't do a
    tarball unless there has been significant translation updates.
    Otherwise, I'll have to do something like this:
      - Check out a tree from the 2_6_0 tag
      - Create a gnome-2-6-0 branch
      - Backport all the translation updates to that branch
      - Release


[1] - The post-release version number bump doesn't count, that's easy to
back out temporarily.

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