Re: Privacy

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 18:23 +0300, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

> Elijah Newren said:
> > I have a 3-year-old nephew that wants to play chromium and
> > tuxracer all the time.  I hate logging out (same reasons as others
> > listed), but he always manages to get out of the game I launch for him,
> > close several of the windows I had up (which basically provides me with
> > some of the bad side-effects of logging out anyway), and then launches a
> > different game from the panel menu.  He's gotten really good at this,
> > and I don't know how to teach him to not close windows.  Sure, I can
> > just tell him he can't use the computer, but I would rather not be
> > restricted from occasionally allowing him to do so (nor do I want to be
> > restricted in what I have to do in order to allow him to safely play for
> > a few minutes).
> Here's a "hack-up" solution for you, which you can get running NOW,
> without waiting for anything to be implemented:
> - Use a window manager that allows you to forbid closing of certain
> windows. Like IceWM. I'm not sure if KDE or Gnome can do this.
> - Make a script that runs a game like tux racer, and when it exits, runs
> it again, unless it finds a certain flag file. It should then delete the
> file and exit. The game's window should not be closeable, via window
> manager.

This sounds like a doable workaround that partially solves the problem.
However, this doesn't allow him to switch games.  He knows how to close
one game and launch another (between tuxracer and chromium mainly,
though the 'chromium setup' program often throws him).


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